Fully Engineered PA Packages – Huge Savings!

If you want a truly exceptional event you need the expertise and commitment of our sound engineers present for the sound check and for the performances.  There can be so many occasions where an extra person taking control is needed.  You also want access to the level of equipment that is available to the biggest acts to ensure every instruments and voice is heard at it’s best.  Introducing CMS Specials, PA packages which include our excellent sound engineers and some of the highest quality equipment in London and South East. Unbeatable value is assured.

System 4: 24 Channel Premium PA System

Capacity: 200-300 people24 Channels (enough for almost any band), 4 completely independent monitor mixes extensive range of mics. This system will fit the tech spec of most bands. A safe bet for event organisers.

£600.00 £340.00

System 3: 1.3kw, 12 Channels for demanding function bands

Recommended capacity of approx 200Our most popular PA package.  Enough microphones for a 9 piece band.   3 monitors, each on a separate post fade aux mix so each area of the stage has a clear sound. 

£400.00 £225.00

System 2: 6 Channels for budget conscious bands or promoters – LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Capacity: 100 people/600 wattsIdeal for a small live music event with bands of up to 5 performers  Two monitors, and six mics making this ideal for events that might include backline.  A graphic equaliser to control feedback

£285.00 £160.00

System 1: 4 Channels for acoustic acts or speeches – LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Great for acoustic acts and small parties etc. Still the same high quality speakers - not cheap plastic alternatives.

Includes all necessary leads, speaker stands and mic standsCable for Ipod + laptop for backing tracks etc.

£185 £125.00

Festival Package

Experienced sound engineer for a 12-hour day with a substantial set of microphones, a digital mixer and a set of 6 monitor speakers.

Image from Livestock 2016 on Forty Hall Farm. JBL VRX system courtesy of Sound Technology



When you compare us with the competition remember NO VAT IS PAYABLE

* All these packages are limited availability.  If the package is not available with an engineer on the date you have chosen you may arrange to hire one of our recommended engineers, the cost of which may vary.

CMS PA Hire Terms and Conditions for Fully Engineered Events