Function Band

System 3: 1.3kw, 12 Channels for demanding function bands

£400.00 £225.00

Recommended capacity of approx 200Our most popular PA package.  Enough microphones for a 9 piece band.   3 monitors, each on a separate post fade aux mix so each area of the stage has a clear sound. 

Front of House:

  • 2 x Martin Audio F12+ (90×50 degree dispersion)
  • 1 x Martin Audio S15
  • Dbx Driverack PA and QSC or Crown amplification
  • 1.3kw AES 2.2kw Peak

3 x JBL Monitors with Graphic EQ

Allen and Heath Mix Wizard 3 featuring 12 mic inputs (enough for most bands), 4 band EQ, inbuilt FX, and 4 aux sends.  We can also offer a digital mixing desk with iPad control for those more difficult venues.

Up to 12 Microphones or DIs from out exceptional Mic Locker

Plenty of stands and miscellaneous audio cables

  • Pair of Martin Audio F12 and S15 Sub
  • 3 x Premium Monitor Speakers
  • Allen and Heath MixWizard Mixing Desk with 12 Mic Inputs, 6 Aux Sends
  • 12 premium microphones or DI’s from our Mic Locker***
  • 2 x DBX 166XS compressor to control dynamics
  • TC Electronic effects
  • Includes high quality leads, speaker stands, mic stands and 15m 12send/4return multicore


Sound Engineer

5 hours included timed from completion of set up to beginning of packing down

Set Up Time: 2 hours

System Price £225.00** excluding delivery



Extra Tops – 2 more speakers to cover larger spaces £80.00

Extra Bass – An additional bass bin £40.00

Backline Hire –  Click Here to hire amps for guitars, bass, keyboard, a drum kit, or even music stands.

AKG Tetrad Wireless Mics – from £25.00

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