System 4: 24 Channel Premium PA System

live band performing

£600.00 £340.00

Capacity: 200-300 people24 Channels (enough for almost any band), 4 completely independent monitor mixes extensive range of mics. This system will fit the tech spec of most bands. A safe bet for event organisers.

Front of House (2.1 kilowatt):

2 x Martin Audio F12+ (600w)

2 x Martin Audio S15+ (1500w)

Dbx Driverack, QSC/Crown amplification and speaker poles


4 x Monitors (Martin Audio LE100 Coaxial wedges) with graphic EQ OR 4 x Belt pack Headphone amps for IEM

(Wireless in-ear monitors and subwoofer for drum wedge are available if required at extra cost)

Soundcraft SI Performer 2, with full range of processing on all inputs and outputs. OR Analogue GL2400 with outboard

Up to 22 Microphones/DI from our exceptional “Mic Locker” (excludes some specialist mics such as wireless)

Plenty of stands and miscellaneous audio cables/adaptors

Aux cable for playback


Sound Engineer – 6 hours included in the price (subject to availability)


Sound Engineer? Yes

The sound engineer is provided for up to 6 hours from start of sound check to the start of pack down. If the event is longer you can pay additional engineering fee.

Set Up Time: 2 hours

System Price £340.00**




More Audio Power – Double the power of this system to nearly 4.5kw for £160.00 supplement

More Monitors – Additional monitors including in-ear options that can be controlled by the artists are available.

Backline hire – Click Here to hire amps for guitars, bass or keyboard, a drum kit or even music stands.

AKG Tetrad Wireless Mics – from £35.00

Lighting –  View our packages or get 25% off any individual lighting