System 4: 24 Channel Premium PA System

live band performing

£600.00 £340.00

Capacity: 200-300 people24 Channels (enough for almost any band), 4 completely independent monitor mixes extensive range of mics. This system will fit the tech spec of most bands. A safe bet for event organisers.

Front of House (2.1 kilowatt):

2 x Martin Audio F12+ (600w)

2 x Martin Audio S15+ (1500w)

Dbx Driverack, QSC/Crown amplification and speaker poles


4 x Monitors (Martin Audio LE100 Coaxial wedges) with graphic EQ or 4 x Belt pack Headphone amps for IEM

(Wireless in-ear monitors and subwoofer for drum wedge are available if required)

Soundcraft SI Performer 2, with full range of processing on all inputs and outputs.

Up to 22 Microphones/DI from our exceptional “Mic Locker” (excludes some specialist mics such as wireless)

Plenty of stands and miscellaneous audio cables/adaptors

Aux cable for playback


Sound Engineer – 6 hours included in the price (subject to availability)


Sound Engineer? Yes

The sound engineer is provided for up to 6 hours from start of sound check to the start of pack down. If the event is longer you can pay additional engineering fee.

Set Up Time: 2 hours

System Price £325.00**




More Audio Power – Double the power of this system to nearly 4.5kw for £160.00 supplement

More Monitors – Additional monitors including in-ear options that can be controlled by the artists are available.

Backline hire – Click Here to hire amps for guitars, bass or keyboard, a drum kit or even music stands.

AKG Tetrad Wireless Mics – from £35.00

Lighting –  View our packages or get 25% off any individual lighting